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Final clean and Returnable Security Deposit

Final Clean 

At Costa Brava Apartment we prepare the apartments and villas so that they are ready for the arrival of our customers. The accommodation must be left clean on departure except when you want to pay the cleaning service. Regardless you must leave the accommodation in a decent state. (Clean kitchen utensils, throw garbage, empty refrigerator / freezer and throw food scraps).

Returnable Security Deposit

Depending on the property booked, CBA will request a security deposit of between €100 and €1,000.

This security deposit must be received by CBA at least 30 days prior to arrival, to be paid by credit card through our booking system. CBA guarantees return of this deposit through the credit card within 3 working days after you leave the property if no incidents have been reported.

On bookings where you have paid the deposit through an external payment platform, CBA will ask the person making the booking for their credit card details.

This security deposit is not part of the rent and will not be used if the following conditions are adhered to:

There is no damage to the property nor to its contents beyond reasonable use.

No damage has been produced through illegal activities or pets.

No smoking has taken place on the property.

All types of residues, rubbish or food have been collected and deposited in the municipal rubbish bins, crockery must be clean and returned to its place, the dishwasher must be empty, the fridge and freezer must be empty and clean, the sheets and towels folded at the foot of each bed and all surfaces and floors must be clean.

Bed sheets and towels must all be accounted for and must not be stained or damaged.

All sets of keys must be deposited in the specified place and the property must remain locked. The keys for the parking (if there are any) must be left inside the property upon leaving.

The renter has not been evicted by the owner (or their representative) or by the local police.

Any breakages or damages must be communicated to CBA or the owner. We will use the security deposit to repair any damages to the property, furnishings or accessories, or if additional cleaning is required.

By accepting our Terms and Conditions, you agree that any damage you or your companions cause will be deducted from the deposit and for any damage exceeding the deposit amount, you authorise CBA to charge to you on your credit card.

When any damage or incident occurs, CBA will send you the invoice for repair and the fees for CBA's management of said incident amounting to €50 (incl. VAT).

Final clean and Returnable Security Deposit