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Guruwalk - Free Tours

GuruWalk is an international free tour community that connects travelers with guides. Our goal is that anyone can enjoy this type of tours.

The GuruWalk community is made up of "gurus" (local guides) who are open, attentive, fun people, with great knowledge of the city and who will be your friends wherever you travel.

And its "walkers" (travelers) who like this type of tours ahead of others, who enjoy an unforgettable experience and, most importantly, who travel around the world doing guruwalks (free tours).

A "free walking tour" is a guided tour at a travel destination, where a local guide explains history, culture, and lifestyle. Currently, it is the first option that tourists choose when they visit a new city.

The concept can be a little confusing since "free" in English is a word that immediately makes you think free of cost. While becoming a part of the community, making a booking, or setting up a tour on the platform is 100% free, the traveler has to pay the guide at the end of the tour based on his experience. This concept is commonly referred to as a pay-what-you-please walking tour, because it empowers the client to pay based on their satisfaction with the tour and encourages the guide to always do their best.

At GuruWalk, we call them "guruwalks" so our walkers don’t get confused with the concept. Our intention is for them to understand the concept better and then give a fair remuneration to their Guru, so that we can all keep enjoying this type of tour all across the world.

GuruWalk - The best free tours around the world

Guruwalk - Free Tours