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Arrivals and Departures in High Season (Mid June to Mid-September); Arrival is between 17.00 – 20.00hrs. Departures are before 10.00hrs

Outside of these dates - we are flexible

Any booking made implies an acceptance of the general conditions.

The person who makes the booking must be 18 or over and is responsible for the veracity of the information provided.

The reservation can be made directly online on our website. The reservation will be completed when the user makes the advance payment, completes the guest registration online with all the details of the people who will occupy the property and signs the reservation contract on line in digital form.

In some houses, prices increase according to the number of occupants.

An additional charge to the booking fee is the tourist tax imposed by the Government of Catalonia for the first 7 nights per person.


To confirm the booking, an advance payment must be made.

The remaining amount of the rental and TT to be made by credit card at least 30 days prior to the date of arrival.

Any cost incurred upon receipt of the amount will be borne by the payer.


A cancellation or modification will not come into effect until we receive your email. The cancellation date will be the date said email is received by CBA.

Cancellation costs will be calculated against the total rental cost according to when notification is received from the client. The percentages are as followed:

Up to 60 days before the arrival date: reimbursement of 100% of the amount paid, less the amount of 60 euros of administration costs and less the commission that the platform has applied to us if any.

Between 30 and 59 days before the arrival date: reimbursement of 50% of the amount paid, less the amount of 60 euros of administration costs and less the commission that the platform has applied to us if any.

30 days before the arrival date: refund 0%

Cancellation insurance

We suggest that you subscribe to a cancellation insurance that you can calculate at the following link:

Platforms - cancellation conditions. Bookings made through a platform: the specific cancellation conditions belonging to the platform will apply

Your booking is made as a consumer for the purpose of a holiday and you accept that CBA cannot be held responsible for any financial loss incurred or caused by you.


This security deposit must be received by CBA at least 15 days prior to arrival, to be paid by credit card through our booking system. CBA guarantees return of this deposit through the same credit card within 7 working days after you leave the property if no incidents have been reported.

On entering the property, you have 8 hours to report any incident that you consider relevant. Once this has been exceeded, CBA will assume that the property is in perfect condition.

This security deposit will not be used if the following conditions are adhered to:

There is no damage to the property nor to its contents beyond reasonable use.

No damage has been produced through illegal activities or pets.

No smoking has taken place on the property.

All types of residues, rubbish or food have been collected and deposited in the municipal rubbish bins, crockery must be clean and returned to its place, the dishwasher must be empty, the fridge and freezer must be empty and clean, the sheets and towels folded at the foot of each bed and all surfaces to be clean. We then do a thorough cleaning to leave it prepared for the following client.

Bed sheets and towels must all be accounted for and must not be stained or damaged.

Fireplace and barbeque to be left clean. Price for cleaning 50€ each

All sets of keys and remote controls must be deposited in the specified place and the property must remain locked. 

The renter has not been evicted by the owner (or their representative) or by the local police.

Any breakages or damages must be communicated to CBA or the owner. We will use the security deposit to repair any damages to the property, furnishings or accessories, or if additional cleaning is required.

By accepting our Terms and Conditions, you agree that any damage you or your companions cause will be deducted from the deposit and for any damage exceeding the deposit amount, you authorise CBA to charge to you on your credit card.

When any damage or incident occurs, CBA will send you the invoice for repair and the fees for CBA's management of said incident amounting to €50 (incl. VAT).

Property Damage Protection  - Calculate the cost


Taking pets (if the option is available) has a cost of €12 per pet per night and will be added to the rental cost.


If CBA cancels your booking, we will return to you any payment you have made to CBA. However, we will not be responsible for repayment of any payment made to third parties during your holiday (including without limits travel costs, leisure costs, activity costs or insurance).


You must arrive at the property within the times set by us in the booking and you must depart within the time specified by us in the booking.

In high season (mid -June to mid-September, Christmas, New Year) arrivals are between 17.00 and 20.00hrs and departures before 10.00.

On change over days, when we have guests departing and arriving the same day (this normally happens between June and September, Christmas and New Year) we are obliged to respect the arrival and departure times. Arrival time from 17h and departure before 10h.

Outside of these dates - arrival between 16.00 - 20:00hrs. Departures before 17.00hrs. 

We can be flexible. Please consult if you have any special requests.


You and the other guests undertake to abide by the rules laid down by the property.

You and the other guests will use the swimming pool at their own risk. The owner / agency will not be held responsible for the injuries sustained by the guests when using the swimming pool.

You undertake to do whatever necessary to protect your personal belongings while on the property.

You undertake to guarantee that all those in your party are covered by comprehensive travel insurance (including cancellation, flight delays, loss /theft / damage to luggage and belongings) and health insurance (including evacuation and repatriation cover).

The vacation home is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We recommend you contract travel insurance to protect you while travelling.

You undertake NOT to allow more people to stay in the property than those declared in the booking, nor to modify the composition of the group during your stay, nor allow entry to pets to the property without prior authorization in writing on our part. If this occurs, we reserve the right to deny you access to the property or to request you to leave it. These circumstances will be considered a cancellation on your part and we will not be obliged to reimburse you any of the amounts paid. Any payment returned will be entirely at our discretion.

You undertake to authorize CBA or its representative access to the property at any moment during your stay with the aim of carrying out repairs, in case of an emergency or simply to ensure ourselves that you are fulfilling the conditions of the Booking Contract.

You undertake to provide CBA with the personal information of all guests (name, surname, nationality, personal identification, gender, date of birth) within 48 hours following CBA's request. CBA will hand over this personal information to the police in order to comply with article 12.1 of the Basic Law 1/1992 on the protection of public security.

You are responsible for damages caused by intentional acts or gross negligence to the property, facilities and furniture.

Basic cleaning is done by you as the guest in each case. Basic cleaning includes the cleaning of the kitchen, washing up and storing crockery, utensils, pots, pans etc. disposal of remaining food and all waste, stripping the beds and cleaning of all surfaces

If pets are taken without permission, Costa Brava Apartment is entitled to refuse the handover of the key or to cancel the holiday with no refund.

Internet/WiFi is only available if expressly mentioned in the description. We assume no guarantee for permanent availability, speed, compatibility and security, you must therefore ensure adequate protection of your terminal devices. Consumption may be limited. Internet/WiFi is generally intended for holiday purposes, and not suited for the business or similar. Use of Internet/ WiFi is purely at your risk. The valid law is to be complied with when using Internet/WiFi. You are in particular obliged not to upload any files which contain material (e.g. films, music) which have been protected by copyright, but which could be propagated on the internet illegally through file-sharing sites or similar. You are further obliged also to inform fellow travellers (including travellers who are not of age) about compliance with valid law and to carry out matching controls. In the event of a culpable breach of your duties in accordance with this “Internet/WiFi” text, you will indemnify us against any claims made on this basis by third parties.

The use of the network, as well as the services and multimedia devices that the accommodation may provide will in any case be under the risk and responsibility of the client, who will also be responsible for the actions of the people occupying the accommodation arranged, either for all the duration contracted or by the customer. For this purpose, it is obliged to warn its companions (including minors) about compliance with the applicable regulations and to carry out the relevant checks. In the event of a culpable or intentional breach of its obligations in accordance with the provisions of the "Internet/WiFi" section, the customer exempts Costa Brava Apartment from any claims of third parties.

If garden/patio furniture has been stated in the description, there is not necessarily a garden chair available for each person. This also applies to sun loungers, which often have a limited quantity. Cushions for sun loungers are not provided for hygienic reasons. Sun loungers and sunshades are also only available if they have been mentioned in the description.

You have the right to use the entire rental including furnishings and everyday objects. You undertake to treat the rental property and its inventory as well as the jointly used amenities with the greatest possible care. You are obliged to reimburse any damage occurring during the rental period through your fault or that of your fellow travellers and guests. Damage will be offset against the security deposit.

Taking and connecting objects which consume a lot of resources such as air-conditioners, mini-pools, e-bikes, electric cars etc. is not permitted.

External circumstances and regional peculiarities such as insects, stray dogs, unfavourable weather conditions or the condition of public roads shall not entitle a claim to damages.


If you have any complaints concerning the property during your holiday, you must communicate them as soon as possible to CBA. We will do our utmost to resolve the problem during your stay. However, complaints will not be accepted once the holiday has finished if a complaint has not been received previously from you.


Our maximum responsibility for losses that you may incur as a consequence of the breach of this Booking Contract by us is strictly limited to the amount we have received in relation to your booking. We decline any responsibility for any loss that is not considered a foreseeable consequence of a breach on our part of this Booking Contract.


It will not be considered a breach of this Booking Contract, nor will we be responsible for any mistake or delay in the offering of services under circumstances outside our control, such as floods, fires, explosions or accidents.

It will not be considered a breach of this Booking Contract, nor will we be responsible for the lack of assistance from external services that independent companies provide, such as telephone, water, electricity or internet access.

It will not be considered a breach of this Booking Contract, nor will we be responsible for unpleasant odors produced by discharge in fields adjacent to the property. In the countryside there are mosquitoes, flies, ants and other kind of insects and animal life present.

According to the European regulations (directive on 2011/83/EU) on consumer rights, accommodation contracts do not have the right to withdrawal. Art. 16 (l) of the EU Consumer Rights Directive contracts relating to the provision of accommodation are exempted from the right of withdrawal if the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance.


The conditions of this contract are governed by Decree 159/2012 of Novembre 20 of tourist accommodation establishments and tourist housing of the Generalitat de Catalunya

According to the European regulations (directive on 2011/83/EU) on consumer rights, accommodation contracts do not have the right to withdrawal. Art. 16 (l) of the EU Consumer Rights Directive contracts relating to the provision of accommodation are exempted from the right of withdrawal if the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance.