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La Garrotxa & Besalu

Besalú. Medieval Town.

The buildings range from religious temples to civil buildings of great interest. The heritage left by the Jewish community that lived in Besalú from the 9th century until 1436 is among the most outstanding. Besalú is one of Catalunya's best preserved medieval towns. The geographical location of the town was favourable for settlers and has made it a meeting place for a wide range of different cultures, all of which have enriched the Town's architectural heritage. Guided walking routes around the town, which take you down streets and squares that have conserved their medieval atmosphere.

La Garrotxa

Beautiful medieval village of Santa Pau, volcanoes and take trip in a horse and cart through the enchanting beech wood forest.The entire region is volcanic, with over 40 volcanoes, most of which are of the effusive eruption type followed by lava flows. Although the volcanoes are dormant, they cannot be considered to be extinguished.Take the old tractor train to visit the volcanoes Martinyá, Pomareda and Croscat .

Santa Pau is outstanding on account of its medieval monuments, declared a historical-artistic monument in 1971. The "Vila Vella" (Old Town), Plaça de la Arqueria Square, the castle and Santa María Church can be seen in this unique village, packed with charm and magic. 

Jorda's Beech wood.

Just before going into the forest, visit the monolith erected in memory of the poet Joan Maragall.

The impressive beech wood forest, called locally Fageda d'en Jordà (Jorda's Beech wood).The Jorda's Beech wood is a natural reserve, formed by a spectacular forest of beech with dense foliage. The sun rays find it difficult to penetrate the forest. The beech trees grow at a low altitude of 550m. It is strange to see a continental forest at a lower height than its habitual environment, but it is possible thanks to the great humidity and the effective drainage of the volcanic rock. By horse and carriage we will travel through the centre of the forest, getting to know its history, its secrets. A journey of one hour accompanied by the recital of the poem by Joan Maragall, “Fageda d’en Jordá”.




La Garrotxa & Besalu